Too Cool

This is the revised version of this piece as it appears in my thesis. 
I was listening to Waylon Jennings when I remembered I had left my favorite lipstick at his house. Kentucky in the fall can be a crapshoot. It was early October, an unusually sticky day. High eighties. Full humidity. Saturday afternoon. I sent him a text message, asking if he was home and if I could I stop by. Surprised that he agreed, I left my apartment and got into my car, an old brown Mercedes I had recently bought from my father. The backs of my legs burned when I sat down on the hot leather interior. “Fucking shit.” When I pulled up to his house, he was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette. There was a small orange box and a black Bic lighter resting on the small table next to him. His eyes were red and vacant, his thin brown hair was greasy as if he hadn’t showered since we had we broken up the week before.  “You’re not a smoker,” I said. He stared at me and shrugged his shoulders.  “I bought a pack when you to…

There Must Be Something Wrong with Me

Note: this is my revised version of multiple short fiction pieces put together as it appears in my thesis. 

The night we met for our first date, the sky was dusted with white sprinkles. I was standing next to Adam in the parking lot of the bowling alley, both of us wearing jean jackets and black sneakers. We had driven separately. It was the beginning of October in Kentucky and the humidity was finally gone. The air was crisp, breathable. Almost sweet, like a cantaloupe. It was league night at the alley and now we were trying to find somewhere else to go.             “Damn it. I was really looking forward to bowling,” I said.             “Me too,” he said. “What should we do instead?”
            “What time is it? Maybe we could go see a movie?”             “Almost eight-thirty.”             “Hmm…late night movie on a weeknight. I like it. Yes.”             Adam looked at the movie’s playing at the nearby movie theater on his phone and mentioned there was a 9:15 showing of the film Drive.    …