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How to Get to West Virginia

In the fall of 2005, you will apply to a local coffee shop. You will get the job and work there for close to five years. Almost four years after you’ve been working at the coffee shop, you will decide you want more. You will decide you no longer want to make low-fat-sugar-free-no-foam beverages for wealthy white women. You start looking into the AmeriCorps program and decide volunteering for a year could possibly redeem your customer service inflicted soul.
In the spring of 2009, you will be sitting outside on the back patio of a bar with a group of your co-workers. You will be drinking a gin and tonic when you see your ex-lover walk outside onto the patio. Your face will become frozen and pale because the last time you had spoken to him was three years ago when he got married while he was on spring break in a different country. You remember this because you found out the night of your twenty-first birthday.
You will continue to keep drinking gin and tonics. Eventually, you will say he…