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Mutual Friend

It is about to rain when you walk into the bar where you are meeting an ex-lover for drinks. You will both drink cheap beer, get tipsy and later, he will apologize to you for how he treated you in the past. You remember this because he is the only man you’ve been with who has ever apologized to you. He has recently broken up with the girl he began dating right after he told you he needed to be single. The rain will be pouring down when the two of you leave the bar and get into your car. You will drive to his apartment, park and go inside with him.
The apartment is mostly empty. There are hardwood floors and boxes ready to be moved. There is a back room filled with boxes and someone else’s memories. You will be reminded of this when you pick up a pair of handmade leather shoes that are not your size.
He will ask if you want to watch a movie. You will both sit on the couch that is soft and green. You will sit at opposite ends of the couch and try not to think about having sex. After midn…

There's Nothing Wrong With Being Alone

Confession: I’ve never been able to trust anyone who can’t be alone. It’s never made much sense to me. The first movie I saw by myself was Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, which came out in 2003. The same year I graduated from high school. Being able to take myself to the movies made me feel full of possibilities. What can’t I do for myself? In college, I began taking myself out to lunch or dinner, typically accompanied by a book I was reading at the time. Chuck Klosterman and I became very close.
Truth: There is a popular question in Louisville, Kentucky: Where did you go to high school? We live in a city that refuses to give up the ghosts of hallways past.
Confession: I’ve always loved popular culture, especially the television shows or movies that center around a group or ‘gang’ of friends. Dawson’s Creek. The OC. Gossip Girl. Friends.The Big Chill. I have spent some quality time in these worlds because I’ve always wanted to know what attracts me to this dynamic.
Truth: We all…