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How to Lose Your Virginity

It is your senior year of high school. Become friends with the guy your best friend is dating. Your friend graduated early and is currently in her first semester in college an hour and a half away. Drive to Indiana to pick up this guy, who is three years older and doesn’t have a car. You’re driving him to see your friend because you think you want to see her. You’ll get to her dorm room and watch them embrace each other. You will sit awkwardly while they’re snuggling on her bed. Eventually, you step outside and sit by yourself on the concrete steps.
When they break up you will continue to talk to him on AOL Instant Messenger. You’ll discover that you’ve started to like each other. You’ll ask your friend for permission to date him, and she is surprisingly okay with it. She will ask you not to sleep with him. You tell her that hadn’t crossed your mind, that you want to wait. In three months, you no longer want to wait.
Your best friend will call you one day after school and she will tel…