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Girls Rock!

The air in Headliners Music Hall was thick and warm. The summer heat was dancing its way into the presence of the Girls Rock Louisville showcase. What was once a two-day camp in 2014, has now become a week-long camp to empower girls and gender non-conforming youth by immersing themselves in the exploration of music in a supportive and creative environment.
Before the start of the show, I went to the bar to order a beer. While I was waiting for the bartender, a middle-aged man standing next to me introduced himself and asked if I had a kid in one of the bands. I awkwardly said no, but mentioned I had friends who did. I was there to support a community that actively encourages the kind of self-confidence in young girls that I had so desperately needed when I was their age.
My current Instagram handle is rockrgrl7, which dates back to days of teenage angst and AOL Instant Messenger. The name came from the feminist magazine ROCKRGRL, based out of California and was the first print magazine…

Crunch Wrap Supremes and Frenemies

It started with a homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme. I left a comment on Lucy’s Instagram picture and within minutes we had exchanged phone numbers and began texting as if it hadn’t been fourteen years since we had last seen one another. A quick hit on the fast forward button and we would be equally worried if we hadn’t heard from one another in two days. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her wife Lisa. I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my dog Gigi. The more we communicated, the more curious I became at what made us frenemies in years long past.
We attended middle school and high school together, graduating in 2003. After ninth grade, we transferred from a conservative private school with uniforms and a lust for field hockey, to another private school with liberal clothing standards, where students could sign out to eat lunch at restaurants downtown, and more famously, smoke cigarettes openly.
My memory is a bit blurry, but I do remember the day I found out she would be transferri…

Watching and Waiting

The deck of the restaurant across the street was stained the color of orange rarely seen outside the tragic tribes of young women in Southern Florida. I continued to watch, sitting underneath a black and white awning sipping a mild Pinot, as clumps of khaki and corpulent figures hovered around the entrance waiting for their name to be called. While my date was in the restroom, I continued to watch their movements. They seemed to be the kind of people you stand in line with at the drug store. Most likely, we would make small talk about the weather or the cover of scandalous magazines. In front of the chintzy restaurant, a banner advertised a bargain deal on pitchers of margaritas. My date had just returned from the restroom as I looked away from the across the street and wondered what it was like to feel simple.
He was wearing a white cotton shirt underneath his sandy brown blazer. There were worn leather patches, another ruggedly handsome color, on the elbows. I was curious about the …