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I watched The History of the Eagles

7:49 pm After retrieving Chinese takeout and two bottles of bottom shelf Rose, I start the documentary.
7:54 pm I put the documentary on pause and pack a bowl.
8:03 pm I notice Glenn Frey looks like a less hot version of Gram Parsons.
8:08 pm Apparently, The Beatles were a huge influence on The Eagles. I AM SHOCKED.
8:13 pm Don Henley is friends with Bob Seger. Somehow this makes total sense to me.
8:18 pm A CHANCE ENCOUNTER WITH KENNY ROGERS. It was thirty seconds later when I realized I confused him with Kenny Loggins. This happens a lot I am guessing.
8:20 pm Jackson Browne is talking. All these men make me want to drink Miller Lite and I don’t know why.
8:26 pm I realize I have a huge crush on Linda Ronstadt.
8:29 pm THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS! You should probably know they are one of my favorite bands and I feel like they are often overshadowed by the group of men they refer to as The Eagles. There are several connections between the two bands, but Bernie Leadon is the …

The Right Decision

The show Girls accidently changed my life. It took multiple viewings of Hannah Horvath leaving for Iowa and quickly leaving Iowa to convince me to apply to the Stonecoast graduate program in creative writing. I began to feel my blood boiling, pressuring me to turn off the television and turn someone else’s fiction into my own reality. It’s terrifying when you realize you’re the only one who can direct your life.
There’s nothing worthwhile about being jealous of a fictional television character because you know they’re following a script. What is happening to them has been predetermined and tends to work itself out in thirty minutes or less. But this particular storyline was compelling because it was seeping into my life. I was watching Hannah go through something I couldn’t bring myself to do.
It wasn’t surprising to me that she decided to leave the program. After all, Girls is a New York focused show and Hannah’s identity is rooted in Brooklyn. I felt personally affected because I ch…