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The 'Perfect Woman'

I’ve been sleeping alone for over three years. The heat generating from the excessive use of Netflix on my laptop has mostly been dominating the magic that happens in my bedroom. They recently added the Roseanne Collection to Netflix, which sadly only contains 50 episodes of a television program that ran for almost ten years.
It was a typical Friday night that I found myself in bed with Roseanne Barr. All of a sudden I saw my entire romantic history flash in front of my eyes. Roseanne’s sister Jackie finally meets a nice guy named Gary. He gets along with the family, has his own business, and appears to be head over heels for Jackie (the ‘perfect woman’ version of Jackie anyway.)
Jackie’s character is so relatable, particularly in this episode, because of the way she struggles with her identity and how this applies to her relationships with men. At this point in the series she is in her early 30s and has been serial dating men who don’t treat her well. Jackie’s love life is constantly b…