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We Don't Need Roads

“In my high school year book there is a note from a girl who wrote,  ‘I like you even though you are very mean.’”

This is the first sentence of one of the chapters in Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist. This is the reason I bought the book. I hopped into my proverbial Delorean to the golden age of junior high, not stopping to remember the love hate relationship with school uniforms and chocolate milk Fridays. Instead, I watched from outside the hall of a windowless classroom as one of the popular boys openly admitted to the entire class that he wished I wasn’t so mean. He didn’t look at me when he said this. I looked down at my feet and said nothing. I was wearing the new green suede Adidas I had gotten for my birthday.
I switched schools after ninth grade, hoping for another chance to start over. By junior year of high school I found myself in a similar scenario. It was ‘diversity day’ at a small private school with minimal consequences and privileged youth. The only memory I have of that day w…