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Sellersburg, Indiana

It was a Sunday morning. I was listening to the first side of Nashville Skyline. I couldn’t get past the first track.
Girl From the North Country.
I was putting on lipstick and getting goose bumps. I was trying to remember all their names.
Just shy of 29 years, I was hearing this song for the first time. It’s been said I’m a late bloomer—crackling records and all—but I’ll never forget the first time.
When I think of him, I remember tired gas stations and the Second Street bridge. He had a truck, sometimes.He only smoked cigarettes during the winter.
He came to a couple of my basketball games, hell, I was even late to a few ‘cause I had to pick him up.
“I don’t know why she tells me these things,” he told a friend of mine. “ I don’t give a shit about what she had for lunch.”
I can’t recall why my friend told me this, but it was a pivotal moment in my young world.
The afternoon I gave myself to him, he got up immediately and left the room. He had kept his polo shirt on and as he was about to w…

Riding in an El Camino

We were headed north. I pretended to fall asleep in his cherry red El Camino. The passenger side window was cracked, about half an inch. I let the wind kiss my face--
His hand never touched mine. I couldn't say his name.
A scrimmage of cassette tapes and soda cans, a pair of cheap sunglasses so he doesn't notice me.
The weather inside is frightful.
He tickles the side of my hip as we get off the exit.
"How'd you sleep?" He asked.
A faint smile. A faint 'fine.'
The store is next door to an ice cream shop--it's all I think about while browsing $40 t-shirts.
I wonder what he's looking at upstairs. He's going to leave me someday.
I found him downstairs in the home and bedding department. He was looking at plates and overpriced eccentricities. This was as far as he would let me into his life.
The sun was beginning to go down when we got back in the car. I put in the Purple Rain tape and turned up the volume. I smiled as I looked into the side view mirror. An h…