Bar Food*

*work in progress, feedback welcome.

I met up with him at a bar. A dark bar with cheap drinks and runaway faces. Greasy food and Skee Ball. I was already sitting with my friends at a booth, catching up on our lives and what three fried appetizers we were going to order.

He stood at the bar for a while, talking to someone he knew. He seemed to know a lot of faces. He came back with a Budweiser, I looked down at my empty pint glass.

His face was cuter than I remembered. And then he spoke, mostly about himself.  He works outside and every Wednesday takes pictures of Water Towers.

He went up to the bar to order some food. When he came back to the booth he announced that he ordered a grilled cheese, cut into squares.

“Why squares?” I asked.

“Why not?” he replied. “I wanted something special.”

When the kitchen announced that the food was ready for ‘something special,’ the 33 year old sitting next to me got up to receive his grilled cheese squares. I went to get another cheap beer.

My eyes glanced across the table, seeking approval from my friends. There wasn’t anything particularly attractive about this man (boy), but he would do for the day.

“He has his moments,” my friend’s boyfriend said. “But he’s also kind of a dick.”

“I don’t think she cares,” she said.

After a third round of drinks, I invited him back to my place.

“Just for an hour,” I said. “I work early.”

Both sides of a Beach Boys record played before anything happened. I had to stand on the couch to kiss him. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him, smiling and laughing at something I’ve only seen in the movies.

The music had stopped. I let myself go and put on a Ramones album.

I am making out on my living room floor to the Ramones right now.

I hear the first chords of ‘Danny Says’ and forget that the guy underneath me just took his shirt off.


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