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Live Through This


Richmond, Indiana

24 hours in Richmond, Indiana.

My first time driving up I-65 North all by my lonesome, the Beach Boys, Thin Lizzy, Pujol, the Ladybirds keeping me company. An exit sign for a 'destination vacation' for the low brow, enticing me to make sure I experience the historic district and the most 'unique' antique mall in the fair town. Off the exit ramp and making my way through town, signs for Square Doughnuts and The Mighty Muffler happen to catch my eye.

I arrive at my friend's house and the neighborhood makes me smile. We're not in her house more than 15 minutes before we're in her car, she's showing me the sites while simultaneously packing a bowl. The romantical illusion of a small town high school with a bridge across the street, identified as Suicide Bridge. Speaks for itself, with cryptic graffiti messages such as "Love You, Miss You."

I am 27 years old and  felt like I was having the high school americana experience I fantasized or saw in mov…