What to Write About When You Write About Nothing

A lot of time surpasses my posts because I am always waiting for an unique encounter to inspire me. So what do you write about when you have nothing to write about? Social media has somehow programmed us to tell ourselves that the world should care that we had french toast for breakfast, changed shampoos or that we are going to Ramsii's tonight for dinner.

Guess what? I don't give a shit. Also, you should probably pick a new restaurant. But that's simply my opinion.  I am guilty of these mundane details as well, and I couldn't explain why it feels so necessary to tell my facebook friends that I would like to have Andrew W.K. play the halftime show at the super bowl. Sunday afternoon I spent a few minutes (which is considerably way too long) with the boyfriend trying to come up a funny/witty status update concerning Sunday night's extravaganza. I was well aware of the stupidity I was enforcing upon myself, and yet I just had to make an update.

Blah, blah, blah. Facebook allows you to stay in touch with friends all over the world. You know what also allows you to stay in touch with friends in different countries? LETTERS. If someone living in Spain is spending a large amount of their time reading their news feed, I would have reasonable concerns for their priorities.

Looking at the bigger picture, the world shouldn't and doesn't care about your weekend plans. In OUR own world, the little things do matter. So why can't we keep these things to ourselves? What does it mean to have our friends "like" or "comment" on our arbitrary lives? We feel validated. We know that some of our friends took the time to look at what we wrote (case in point, this blog). It becomes a rush, almost like gambling with our mediocrity. So we keep updating because the world validates this now social norm.

The worst kind of updates revolve around what someone just watched on television. A prime example is the show Glee. I hate this show because of status updates. People love this shit, especially theater people. At least this is what my facebook tells me. When someone decides to tell their friends "I can't wait for the new episode of Glee next week!!!," I wonder why feel they have to announce this on a social platform. Perhaps they have no one else to talk to. Remember when people used to call each other to talk about what just happened on Friends or Dawson's Creek? Hell, even Instant Messaging would be better than updating your status.

Sometimes we say a lot when we have nothing to say. That's why we update.


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