I was a Communication major. It wasn't much of a surprise when multiple classes started to overlap with similar material; however, trying to define "culture" always warranted some debate. There was the teacher who asked us to write down and discuss what we thought it meant. There was also the teacher who made us memorize the definition from our fucking textbook. For a clear state of mind I will add that this was a question on every single test we took in the class, making sure we had our textbook definitions committed to memory.

I went to the grocery store on thursday. I hand the cashier my ID, for my alcoholic purchases, and he asks how I like living here. What part of Kentucky am I from? Louisville, I say. He makes a joke about how seriously we take the pronunciation of our fair city. He asks if there's culture in Louisville. I kindly respond with a yes. I must like Lewisburg, he says. I admitted that I did, but I can't go everyday. At some point during this interaction I think about how he used the word "culture." He is working in the mountains of Appalachia and he's asking me about the culture of Louisville. I ramble on for a minute or two about how there is plenty of culture here, just in a different way, that you can always find similarities...I believe this, I do. He made me think about how subjective "culture" can be. It is something that a fucking textbook won't be able to perfect within a mediocre definition.

On another note, I find it interesting that I didn't have to take a foreign language BEING A COMMUNICATION MAJOR. Admittedly, I was relieved. And now, I'm shocked and somewhat appalled. I want to re-read The Stranger in french.


  1. You didn't have to take a language! Wow, at Macon you have to take - regardless of your degree - at least two language classes of the same language and that is only if you place out of beginner and start at the 200 level. Otherwise, you have to take 4 language classes at Macon to graduate. That is an interesting point!

  2. It is not to late to study a new language, go for it Lilly You have got some free time.

  3. I am reading kids books in french and its lots of fun. I would actually recommend it in any language. a fresh perspective, lots of fun. Anyway, I hope for another post soooon


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