Buying in bulk.

My annoyance on the subject need not apply to business' and educational purposes. But rather what is happening in our homes. Going to someone's home/apartment and not having space to put in the beer/wine you brought over for the evening. There are circumstantial situations of course, special events, holidays...I get that. I also take into account the different sizes of refrigerators. I have also never had more than one roommate, so I sympathize with those who have had to deal with dividing up such a limiting amount of space. Hats off to you.

But why cooperate in the Costco/Walmart mindframe on a weekly basis? I do not believe in the "just wait till you have kids" argument I can see rising from lazy mothers. Do a 180 degree spin in the and you have the Whole Foods mothers who will only give their children organic products. But really, why do our peanut butter jars have to be the size of Rosie O'Donnell's ass? Why do we have to stock our freezers with Totino's pizzas because they were 10 for $10? I admit, my eyes float to how I can save 50 cents using my Kroger card. That's what you REALLY learn how to do in college.

Bigger is better.
Quantity over quality.

I do not understand why people believe good food is too expensive. Probably because they've already spent all their money on multiple six-packs of Diet RC Cola.

Why are we falling for this shit? If I decide I have to make the trip to Wal-mart they do not offer you a shopping basket that you can carry with you. Strictly the heavy duty carts you can fill up until they weigh as much as the person pushing the cart.

We don't need as much as we think we do.

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  1. yessssss

    France is a little better about these kinds of things, but their frugality and buy-a-fresh-baguette-and-cheese-every-day lifestyle is slowly giving way to mega stores and fast food. you oughta see the lines at mcdonalds, ich.

  2. I feel like this is in response to my fridge :(


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