This is Mazzy Star weather.

Quite frequently I am asked why I decided to do this. By this, I mean move to a very small town in the mountains of West Virginia for a year. I have wondered this myself from time to time, typically when I long for the company of my friends and family, the drinks that keep pouring themselves, sparkling (and sometimes worthless) conversations, the ability to go out to an actual restaurant...

Friends have shared their feelings by telling me they couldn't do what I'm doing. Of course they couldn't because they are not me. And by the way, thanks for the encouragement, I want to say to them. The solitude and isolation were a bit of the appeal in making the move. I had to get away. The need for adventure. Time for myself. Time to appreciate Louisville. Time to appreciate people. Needing people in order to survive, hell, just to get through the day. I realize everyone deals with loneliness in their own ways. I realize only you have the ability to make things happen for yourself. That said, loneliness can become a crutch. I take responsibility for my situation. I don't complain as much as I used to in the beginning months.

I am learning. Learning. Learning.

My copy of Letters to a Young Poet is 95% underlined.

For me, comfort means the letters on the page, the smell of used books, voices of records I have made my own, wine, my dog, dinner with boyfriend, skirts with tights in the middle of winter, happy drunks, cheesy movies under a warm blanket, beer in the afternoon...

Lunch time. Beer time.


  1. mazzy star weather, so true.

  2. you rock lady...just thought I would let you know


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