Words synonymous with Christmas 2010: joyful, beautiful, wonderful, happy, pepper spray.

Christmas Eve I pepper sprayed my family. I am 25 years old and my curiosity still has the better of me from time to time. I spotted and wondered about this red see-through contraption on my mother's key chain.   In my eyes it was a fancy flashlight. With the name "spit fire." My boyfriend even told me it was pepper spray. I chose to ignore him. In this case, curiosity did not kill the cat. Instead, curiosity travelled throughout the whole house causing everyone (minus the dog) to cough the way eager, overweight contestants try to get their chance on The Price is Right. 

I hear someone running down the stairs. "Lilly why are you messing with my shit??"

"I thought *cough cough* it was a flashlight mom! *cough*"

She proceeds to open doors and turn on the kitchen fan; puts the dog outside. We stand in the dining room, waiting for the stink to make itself scarce.

I was convinced the creators of AXE body spray were behind the chemicals involved in this keychain weapon.

"Merry Christmas?"

Album of the week:  Notorious B.I.G.   Ready to Die

Currently Reading:  The Satanic Verses  Salman Rushdie
                                    Eating the Dinosaur   Chuck Klosterman

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  1. And what did the boyfriend give you?! And what did he think of his fun random gifties from the RIC (Richmond)?



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