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I was a Communication major. It wasn't much of a surprise when multiple classes started to overlap with similar material; however, trying to define "culture" always warranted some debate. There was the teacher who asked us to write down and discuss what we thought it meant. There was also the teacher who made us memorize the definition from our fucking textbook. For a clear state of mind I will add that this was a question on every single test we took in the class, making sure we had our textbook definitions committed to memory.

I went to the grocery store on thursday. I hand the cashier my ID, for my alcoholic purchases, and he asks how I like living here. What part of Kentucky am I from? Louisville, I say. He makes a joke about how seriously we take the pronunciation of our fair city. He asks if there's culture in Louisville. I kindly respond with a yes. I must like Lewisburg, he says. I admitted that I did, but I can't go everyday. At some point during this in…


Buying in bulk.

My annoyance on the subject need not apply to business' and educational purposes. But rather what is happening in our homes. Going to someone's home/apartment and not having space to put in the beer/wine you brought over for the evening. There are circumstantial situations of course, special events, holidays...I get that. I also take into account the different sizes of refrigerators. I have also never had more than one roommate, so I sympathize with those who have had to deal with dividing up such a limiting amount of space. Hats off to you.

But why cooperate in the Costco/Walmart mindframe on a weekly basis? I do not believe in the "just wait till you have kids" argument I can see rising from lazy mothers. Do a 180 degree spin in the and you have the Whole Foods mothers who will only give their children organic products. But really, why do our peanut butter jars have to be the size of Rosie O'Donnell's ass? Why do we have to stock our freezer…


This is Mazzy Star weather.
Quite frequently I am asked why I decided to do this. By this, I mean move to a very small town in the mountains of West Virginia for a year. I have wondered this myself from time to time, typically when I long for the company of my friends and family, the drinks that keep pouring themselves, sparkling (and sometimes worthless) conversations, the ability to go out to an actual restaurant...
Friends have shared their feelings by telling me they couldn't do what I'm doing. Of course they couldn't because they are not me. And by the way, thanks for the encouragement, I want to say to them. The solitude and isolation were a bit of the appeal in making the move. I had to get away. The need for adventure. Time for myself. Time to appreciate Louisville. Time to appreciate people. Needing people in order to survive, hell, just to get through the day. I realize everyone deals with loneliness in their own ways. I realize only you have the ability to make th…


Words synonymous with Christmas 2010: joyful, beautiful, wonderful, happy, pepper spray.
Christmas Eve I pepper sprayed my family. I am 25 years old and my curiosity still has the better of me from time to time. I spotted and wondered about this red see-through contraption on my mother's key chain.   In my eyes it was a fancy flashlight. With the name "spit fire." My boyfriend even told me it was pepper spray. I chose to ignore him. In this case, curiosity did not kill the cat. Instead, curiosity travelled throughout the whole house causing everyone (minus the dog) to cough the way eager, overweight contestants try to get their chance on The Price is Right. 
I hear someone running down the stairs. "Lilly why are you messing with my shit??"
"I thought *cough cough* it was a flashlight mom! *cough*"
She proceeds to open doors and turn on the kitchen fan; puts the dog outside. We stand in the dining room, waiting for the stink to make itself scarce.
I was con…