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Fashion magazines. They have always provided a sort of comfort for me, see the second paragraph. This morning I took my dog out. There is still snow on the ground and in the street, but better looking than it was earlier this week. Towards the end of the walk, my dog is sniffing around in the snow at the very edge of someone's lawn. Every once and awhile I see this woman standing at her see-through door watching me. For a split second I see the door open and what I think I hear is "get out of here." I am stunned for a second and say, "what the fuck" to myself. I have never talked to this bitch, but the day I started to not like her she almost hit me with her car, as she drove past with a smile on her face. When I got back inside my apartment, I needed to calm down. I grabbed an issue of Nylon and forgot the fact that I'm in this shit desert.

Although not quite having reached the so-called 'height of sophistication,' I was under the age of 10 after a…