"Well, she's not THAT pregnant."

This statement alone makes my year. This happened months ago, but I still cannot get over it. After hearing a young woman make this astute observation about her friend, multiple conversations pierced through my mind.

"Hey Stacy, how are you feeling today?"
"Oh my Gawd, just totally bloated and pregnant. But I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour thing."

"What's up with you lately Carrie? Something wrong?"
"I just feel a little pregnant today, that's all. I'm gunna take an ibuprofen and lie down."

Last night I watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I should have watched this in high school. Then again, just attending my high school was enough for me to realize the kind of person I did not want to become. I have always tended to brush off politics. Since being here, I realize I have started to pay attention. When Jeff Smith stands up for bringing more kindness into the matters of the people, I could feel myself reacting. The way people talk to each other when anything political is brought up is a huge turn off for me. All of a sudden, friends, family, colleagues become different people. Someone always has to be right.

Who gives a shit if you are a Republican or Democrat as long as there is kindness? My high school did not receive this memo. I turned my back on the notion of even remotely caring about anything political because I saw how nasty people could be. Once I figured out that adults don't behave any better, I decided to keep myself out of "those" conversations. And it's only now I am realizing that being silent doesn't get anything accomplished.

In my opinion, political labels have become trendy and ostentatious. Step onto a college campus and ask someone why they voted for who they did. I'm not saying students won't be able to provide a legit statement, but somehow the line between being informed and mimicking what your professors are saying has become transparent. Instead of saying that this behavior further turns me away, it should be used as a fuel. Last week I talked to women in their 30s who could barely read, and one who dropped out in 7th grade. I interviewed one of our volunteers about her and her husbands trouble with water. They have a well, which hasn't worked since January. They have no water line, no access to city water. They have to fill up jugs and take them home. For bathing, they heat up the water on the stove. And of course, the toilets are a problem. And nobody cares. At least that's how they feel.

They get by and do everything they do day to day, that's how she told me. I admire this and at the same time I am pissed off. Nobody will do anything. This has to change.

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  1. this put a lot of perspective into my life today, especially that second to last paragraph. the real people, the details, get lost when people talk about politics- for me, politics is such a turn off because politics is just so distant from real life.
    anyway, thanks for the thoughts.


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