Girl in a Coma

I spent this weekend at a small arts and crafts fair. I was sitting at a booth representing the place where I work. To sum it up: I got a lot of reading ton, and almost fell into a coma on multiple occasions. The most exciting thing to happen was looking up from my magazine to an old man, whom I had never met, handing me a $2 bill.

"When you finish your book, go and get yourself a coke," he said.

This was one of those moments where I just couldn't figure out how to react. The $2 bill is, of course, the heart of the story. I sit there stunned and respond awkwardly that I don't drink sodas...of course, this isn't true, but it's all I could manage to say as he walked back to his booth as if this was normal behavior.

I am going to take a minute to discuss 'social skills.' A fairly basic concept, something we try to either embrace or defile in accordance with our classmates, friends, family, coworkers...Naturally, I expected there to be some adjusting when I moved here. A behavior I don't understand is when someone tries to start talking to me after I've walked past them. There's no "hey, beautiful morning ain't it?" or some variation of this, they will just start mumbling about something and expect that I know they are talking to me. There has to be some sort of signal to identify the interaction. A wave, a head nod, a 'hello...' I would probably even settle for, "Hey city bitch. Yeah, I'm talking to you."

I am only 5 hours away from home. I continue to be surprised by the amount of culture shock I sometimes face, as well as what I hear from fellow VISTAs. I am living in a part of the country that seems to go unnoticed. With the rise in popularity of folk and bluegrass music in the last few years, it is amazing that West Virginia has not gotten the credit they deserve. This is the heart and soul of the music that represents a culture, a community, an earnestness of faith and love. Admittedly, what I cannot get behind, in these parts or anywhere, is the influence of Christian rock and pop country. I get it though. Both genres are accessible and somewhat-relateable for the folks around here. Personally, I would prefer to hand someone a $2 bill to put me in a coma before listening to either genre....says the girl who has two taylor swift songs on her ipod. Embarassing, yes. Guilty pleasure? Definitely.

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