"tickled pink. fine and dandy. plum crazy."

This is the response you get when you ask someone at the drug store how they are doing today. Take it up a couple decimals and add some sass, welcome to West Virginia. I liked this woman immediately, mostly because she said "tickled pink" and it reminded me of a hotel my family stayed at called The Tickle Pink Inn. We only stayed for one night. The only bit I remember about this place was that the room had a VCR and you could rent videos in the lobby. Ghostbusters seemed to be the obvious choice.

I am going to take a minute here to discuss something that sticks out the most since I have moved here. When I go to the grocery store and get stuck in line behind people who have packed their carts full to the brim, I can't help but look at what they are buying. Everyone does this, I'm sure. It's a silent, judgmental way of getting to know the person in front of you. Buying in bulk is big here, especially in regards to soda and other cavity inducing beverages. This has also been the first place where I have seen six packs of Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Pepsi, etc...straddling the sides of the grocery cart.

One of my vices has always been Diet Coke. In the last few years, I have set boundaries with this delightful, yet harmful, beverage. We are only allowed to come together during a hangover, with bourbon, or some other special occasion. Regular Coca-Cola is another subject, and for me, is only acceptable in a ice-cold glass bottle. The plastic somehow takes away some of the flavor. It should also be said that McDonalds happens to have the best fountain soda out of all the fast food chains.

Soda is awesome. Yes, I said it. But it is also terrible for you and often becomes a compulsive choice for some people. At a fellow Vista's house about a month ago, I watched him down three Dr. Peppers in less than half an hour. What I have been learning over the last year, especially in these last four months, is moderation. I don't know how I got started on this rant...wait, yes I do. Some of the events I have been going to recently have offered only lemonade or sweet tea in the way of beverages. I found this odd, especially when said event is being held outside. There were bottled waters, but apparently were only supposed to be for the band.

Water has quickly become one of the most important world issues in the last few years, but this is a moo point. It is unfortunate to see people choose soda in favor staying hydrated. We've all been there though. There are times when an ice-cold soda is appropriate and refreshing. If I tell myself I'm only going to drink soda once or twice every few weeks, they taste so much better than if I'm relying on them everyday.

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  1. Amen. Coca-Cola from a fountain in a chilled glass is the bestest.


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