I mentioned in an earlier post, my nostalgic appetite for pseudo-asian cuisine. As I'm coming back in to town yesterday evening I drive past the store that serves as a partial food mart, collectable goods store(a.k.a. statues with dolphins, unicorns, jesus...), as well as a fast food joint. The one radio station in town also broadcasts from this place. Multipurpose at its finest. The sign out front tells drivers as they go by the special of the day. Yesterday, it happened to be "Chinese Food."

I must not judge this place too harshly, as I had one of the best cheeseburgers of life a few months before. However, the sign seemed to represent to me the same treatment that hit television shows give to their "special episodes." My curiosity was definitely peaked, while my stomach seemed to do the opposite. My desire for one of my favorite greasy cuisine past times has, to a degree, been licked. But now, I am left wondering what the west virginian idea of "chinese food" looks like. Luckily, my imagination did better in school than I.

When I got done at the gym last night, I had no choice but to get a few dinner supplies from Wal-Mart. As I was standing in the frozen vegetables section, looking for portions of lima beans and corn that were juuuust riiiiight, I came across SINGLE SERVINGS of particular vegetables. If I buy these, I thought to myself, it's just a slippery slop from here. Soon I'll be taping Cathy comics to my fridge, eating pints of ice cream every night and burning a casanova candle in hopes that he really is out there.

Dear Green Giant, I don't need your food to remind me of my single stature. The fact your logo is a man doesn't help with my situation, and he does kind of look like he'd be a dick. While I am understanding of the idea that each portion is only 110 calories (!), I'd rather have my pride and buy my vegetables in bulk.

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  1. Thinking about it, Green Giant does look like a smug ass. ha!!!


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