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My mom used to tell me when I was younger that if I swallowed my gum my butt cheeks would eventually stick together. While I'm not an avid gum chewer, I'll admit this had me curious. Every once and awhile when I did chew gum, I would swallow it. Later on, before stepping into the shower, I would examine my backside in the mirror to make sure she wasn't actually right. We all know that there is hardly anything more frustrating than when you're wrong and your parents are right.
Of course, I also used to think I was the only person in the world who showered naked. That's what bathing suits were for--I can't really defend this one, it's too ridiculous. But I like the visual, somewhat related to Tobias being a "never nude." Similar principle.
And then there's "the napkin dance." It would be nice to think there are other families who know what I'm talking about. It's not a difficult concept. You put your napkin on top of your head an…


"All that was left was this anguished heart, eager to live, rebelling against the deadly order of the world that had been with him for forty years, and still struggling against the wall that separated him from the secret of all life, wanting to go farther, to go beyond, and to discover, discover before dying, discover at last in order to be, just once to be, for a single second, but forever."
-Albert Camus The First Man
I was going back and forth between reading this novel and writing a letter to a friend who is living in France for the year. This passage jumped out at me because it manages to capture what we are both going through in our lives. We are both alone, somewhere new, capturing new feelings about what it means to be alive. Like any meager twenty-something, we want to be able to touch the world while simultaneously grasping our understanding of it.
I first read Letters to a Young Poet my freshman year of college, perhaps before then but I can't seem to recall. I …


"tickled pink. fine and dandy. plum crazy."
This is the response you get when you ask someone at the drug store how they are doing today. Take it up a couple decimals and add some sass, welcome to West Virginia. I liked this woman immediately, mostly because she said "tickled pink" and it reminded me of a hotel my family stayed at called The Tickle Pink Inn. We only stayed for one night. The only bit I remember about this place was that the room had a VCR and you could rent videos in the lobby. Ghostbusters seemed to be the obvious choice.
I am going to take a minute here to discuss something that sticks out the most since I have moved here. When I go to the grocery store and get stuck in line behind people who have packed their carts full to the brim, I can't help but look at what they are buying. Everyone does this, I'm sure. It's a silent, judgmental way of getting to know the person in front of you. Buying in bulk is big here, especially in regards t…


I mentioned in an earlier post, my nostalgic appetite for pseudo-asian cuisine. As I'm coming back in to town yesterday evening I drive past the store that serves as a partial food mart, collectable goods store(a.k.a. statues with dolphins, unicorns, jesus...), as well as a fast food joint. The one radio station in town also broadcasts from this place. Multipurpose at its finest. The sign out front tells drivers as they go by the special of the day. Yesterday, it happened to be "Chinese Food."
I must not judge this place too harshly, as I had one of the best cheeseburgers of life a few months before. However, the sign seemed to represent to me the same treatment that hit television shows give to their "special episodes." My curiosity was definitely peaked, while my stomach seemed to do the opposite. My desire for one of my favorite greasy cuisine past times has, to a degree, been licked. But now, I am left wondering what the west virginian idea of "chinese …