self indulgent post #1

Location: small town in West Virginia, less than 1,000 people.

Purpose: spending the year doing Americorps. Taking another a year to figure out what the hell comes next. By volunteering for a year, I wanted to avoid the "real world." Three months in I realize it doesn't get more real than where I am currently residing.

When the closest pizza place to where you live is called Possum Holler, you realize you're not in kentucky anymore, toto (or in my dogs case, Gigi). There actually is a Taco Bell here, 4 miles away and attached to a BP. Let's face it. Fast food is never worth driving 4 miles for, let alone an 8 mile roundtrip altogether. Thus, this has made me come to realize I do have to cook for myself. But damn it do I miss pseudo-authentic asian take-out. My waste line would disagree with me here.

I have a lot of down time, or "quality time" to spend with myself. While I've always appreciated my solitude and low maintenance weekends, there's something to be said about skipping to the post office to receive mail. Of course when I say "mail," I mean opening the mail box and obtaining a shit-eating grin because my latest Netflix ques have arrived. Okay. So I don't actually skip.

Currently reading: A Widow For One Year by John Irving

Currently listening to: Nirvana, Vivian Girls, Best Coast, My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, New Found Glory (at 25, their self-titled album is still as windows-down perfect as it sounded 10 years ago).

Song so f**king good it gives me goosebumps:


  1. nice...we will try to have some Chinese food next time you come home!

  2. Just an FYI about Kentucky rednecky names compared to West Virginia:,_Kentucky

  3. Cuz, give me your address. Jerry and I have this mad postcard thing going, and I will totally bring you in on it. I LOVE sending postcards!

  4. BTW, M knows how to make awesome pork fried rice. Maybe I can make it for you when you come visit : )


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