Not until moving to BFE had I really given much thought to how grocery stores are stocked based upon their location and clientele. Admittedly, the neighborhood I've lived in my whole life has spoiled me. Everything I've ever needed is in walking distance, including a grocery store. Now I have to drive 8 miles into the next town over. While I have gotten used to the drive, this particular Kroger is somewhat lacking. I love the fact that my Annie's Organic mac and cheese can be purchased for $1 and organic milk is $2.99. But attempting to really cook, as I discovered last night, is going to require a 25-30 minute drive to the "upscale" Kroger.

As I walked into this new territory, I breathed a sigh of relief. This grocery could actually provide items such as goat cheese and eggplants. It is not usual for me to be seen talking to myself as I walk through a grocery store, remembering the list of things in my head. I doubt this is that uncommon. When I walk past someone else talking to themselves, I usually smile and say to myself, "see, you're not alone." It's when you start having arguments with yourself that you really need to consider watching what you drink.

One of the only highlights of my 9th grade year was when I used to wear neon green nail polish. I went to a school that required a uniform, so this was my way of being "edgy." My english teacher, a short loquacious fellow, told me one day that he liked the color. In fact, he told me it was "punk." If I had been an anime character at this moment in my life, I probably would have looked something like this:

In my eyes, by saying my nail polish was "punk" it meant I was doing something cool. This was the highlight of one of my most miserable years. This teacher would also go on to make us listen to REM, the Clash and the Old 97's during class. If I ever see him again, I will gladly buy him a beer. Come to think of it, I need to buy some new nail polish as well.

Musical icon Morrissey raved: “Did you ever hear Born To Quit? It’s by the Smoking Popes. I thought that album was extraordinary, the most lovable thing I’d heard in years”. They are an incredibly underrated band from Chicago. Do yourself a favor, get into the good shit.

Albums of the week
: The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree
The Smoking Popes Born to Quit
Joanna Newsom Have One on Me


  1. Neon green. See, I used to love NAVY at the same time period and my grandpapa used to ask me to stop beating my nails with hammers, making them bruise so badly...


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