A fellow Vista and I have made it a rule to let each other know when we find out something exquisite about our new towns of humble proportions. Lately, we have been sending each other names back and forth. Last week, the prize belongs to one Kohl Boyee.

I have reason to believe that being single for so long somehow warrants situations out of the ordinary. Example. On monday evenings a NA group uses the space where I work for their meeting. I come downstairs to let people in. This hasn't amounted to becoming a problem, as my mondays are typically spent in my "tummy-pants" while flipping through instant-watch on Netflix. Monday evening, I open the door and wait for people to come in. The woman in charge of these meetings has been absent the last 2 weeks. Still, I wait around for a few minutes to see if she shows up this week.

Restless from the awkwardness in the room, as well as the florescent lighting, I turn towards the door to leave. Before my hand could meet the golden glow of the door knob, a woman calls for me. I turn around and standing before me is the plump forty-ish woman, whom I've met once before. At this point, she asks me for my number.

Oh my God, I keep repeating to myself. Is there really no hope for me? This has what it's come down to? A older, plump woman in NA is asking for my number? COME ON.

To be fair, that's probably not what she had in mind...maybe she just needed a friend. And still my mind lingered...

In the very best monotone voice I could muster I ask her, what for? It's awkward again until she finally mutters something about the key. Again, I am confused. They teach you in school it's a bad thing to say, "uhhh..." all the time. I would like my teachers to know, that this was precisely one of those times when it's acceptable to mutter the undervalued "uhhh...."

When I come to, I eventually say I don't feel comfortable with this. I make my exit. Go upstairs. And get.a.BEER.

Guilty pleasure of the week: Degrassi: the next generation

Albums of the week: Gram Parsons G.P./Grievous Angel
Saves the Day Can't Slow Down

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