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Not until moving to BFE had I really given much thought to how grocery stores are stocked based upon their location and clientele. Admittedly, the neighborhood I've lived in my whole life has spoiled me. Everything I've ever needed is in walking distance, including a grocery store. Now I have to drive 8 miles into the next town over. While I have gotten used to the drive, this particular Kroger is somewhat lacking. I love the fact that my Annie's Organic mac and cheese can be purchased for $1 and organic milk is $2.99. But attempting to really cook, as I discovered last night, is going to require a 25-30 minute drive to the "upscale" Kroger.
As I walked into this new territory, I breathed a sigh of relief. This grocery could actually provide items such as goat cheese and eggplants. It is not usual for me to be seen talking to myself as I walk through a grocery store, remembering the list of things in my head. I doubt this is that uncommon. When I walk past someone…

I'm gunna make it this year...


Last night marked a special occasion. I spent more than 2 hours in the kitchen. Yesterday was also the first time I've ever bought bread flour; and yeast for that matter. In my mind, I have always painted a portrait of waiting for dough to rise as the culinary equivalent to watching paint dry. I was standing over the saran wrapped bowl watching the dough that I created mature into the final product of itself. Eventually I began to notice tiny air holes coming through, as if the dough was trying to gently tell me I fucked up.
I call home. I am rewarded and relieved that the air holes just mean the dough is breathing. This means I did something right! I pour a glass of wine to celebrate. This bottle of wine was also used to roll the dough flat, as I don't own a rolling pin. My mother told me it would take maybe 20 minutes for the dough to rise. It was closer to an hour, perhaps a little longer. But once it was finally ready to turn into four mini-pizzas, I realized how much fun I…


A fellow Vista and I have made it a rule to let each other know when we find out something exquisite about our new towns of humble proportions. Lately, we have been sending each other names back and forth. Last week, the prize belongs to one Kohl Boyee.
I have reason to believe that being single for so long somehow warrants situations out of the ordinary. Example. On monday evenings a NA group uses the space where I work for their meeting. I come downstairs to let people in. This hasn't amounted to becoming a problem, as my mondays are typically spent in my "tummy-pants" while flipping through instant-watch on Netflix. Monday evening, I open the door and wait for people to come in. The woman in charge of these meetings has been absent the last 2 weeks. Still, I wait around for a few minutes to see if she shows up this week.
Restless from the awkwardness in the room, as well as the florescent lighting, I turn towards the door to leave. Before my hand could meet the golden …

self indulgent post #1

Location: small town in West Virginia, less than 1,000 people.
Purpose: spending the year doing Americorps. Taking another a year to figure out what the hell comes next. By volunteering for a year, I wanted to avoid the "real world." Three months in I realize it doesn't get more real than where I am currently residing.
When the closest pizza place to where you live is called Possum Holler, you realize you're not in kentucky anymore, toto (or in my dogs case, Gigi). There actually is a Taco Bell here, 4 miles away and attached to a BP. Let's face it. Fast food is never worth driving 4 miles for, let alone an 8 mile roundtrip altogether. Thus, this has made me come to realize I do have to cook for myself. But damn it do I miss pseudo-authentic asian take-out. My waste line would disagree with me here.
I have a lot of down time, or "quality time" to spend with myself. While I've always appreciated my solitude and low maintenance weekends, there's som…