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Not until moving to BFE had I really given much thought to how grocery stores are stocked based upon their location and clientele. Admittedly, the neighborhood I've lived in my whole life has spoiled me. Everything I've ever needed is in walking distance, including a grocery store. Now I have to drive 8 miles into the next town over. While I have gotten used to the drive, this particular Kroger is somewhat lacking. I love the fact that my Annie's Organic mac and cheese can be purchased for $1 and organic milk is $2.99. But attempting to really cook, as I discovered last night, is going to require a 25-30 minute drive to the "upscale" Kroger.
As I walked into this new territory, I breathed a sigh of relief. This grocery could actually provide items such as goat cheese and eggplants. It is not usual for me to be seen talking to myself as I walk through a grocery store, remembering the list of things in my head. I doubt this is that uncommon. When I walk past someone…